Both fire stations are lacking in room for personnel, vehicle and storage space.

A recently decommissioned Town elementary school property located at 171 Adams Street may be considered as a potential location for a combined fire department single facility.

An additional idea would be to explore the possibility of including two smaller Town departments into a fire station facility, the Abington Board of Health and Building Department, as all three departments currently work closely, and anticipate more cohesiveness in the future as the Town continues to grow. This would make the fire station facility a true community project, and allow for additional office space at Town Hall should these departments become incorporated into a new building.



  • The study process is complete and finalized and has been presented to both the Building Committee and Board of Selectman. (Report can be viewed under the RESOURCES tab above.)


  • Developing a facility needs program for the fire department to accommodate current and projected assets and operational requirements.

  • Conducting a site selection study to identify potential locations for a new fire station.

  • Developing conceptual designs for a new fire station at the location of the current fire station and/or each location identified in the site selection study.

  • Performing a comparative analysis of the options identified above and provide suggestions to the Fire Station Building Committee.