The Town of Abington has two fire stations in operation, one located at 1040 Bedford Street, and one at  5 Rockland Street.

1040 Bedford Street serves as the Headquarters Fire Station, and houses the administrative offices, Fire Prevention, four firefighter/paramedics, and several fire apparatus. This station was built in 1964, with no additions or major renovations. The ongoing widening of Route 18 by MassDOT has caused an increase in traffic which hampers the ability of emergency fire apparatus coming and going from this location, as well as an impending reduction of available parking areas for the fire apparatus once the road becomes wider.

5 Rockland Street is a smaller sub-fire station, housing two firefighter/paramedics and fire apparatus. This station was built in 1973 and has chronic heating and air quality issues. The property is rather small and may not allow for any additional major renovations.

Neither fire station has separate facilities for restrooms, showers or living areas, for both employees and the general public. Neither location has separate emergency medical treatment areas for walk-in patients, dedicated decontamination areas, or ventilated personal protective equipment clothing areas. Both fire stations have the fire apparatus and vehicles located immediately adjacent to office and living areas, with no airlocks for separation.

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